Cute. Sexy. Comedy...

"Because everyone knows that funny girls are the sexiest."

Thank you for your Support!...and I'm not talking about my Spanx!!   

   Welcome to my site! I know how valuable your time is and I am grateful for your attention! While you are here, I hope you learn all about me and my unique brand of entertainment!

 I am a professinal Comedienne with extensive training in many forms of Comedy and specialize in Physical Comedy, Improv, Stand-Up, Burlesque Comedy and Character Creation. I strive to be extremely well rounded, and that's just talking about the shape of my brassiere! 

There is a "Sugar Puppy Comedy Cabaret" coming soon! REAL SOON! Like March 21st at 10pm at the Baobab Stage in Town Square! Tickets available at

What the press are saying:

" She has a face chock-full of big features, which makes for a perfect clown. But she's also as attractive as she is vulnerable, which is an unusual combination. You want to root for her characters the way you want to root for Chaplin's Tramp." - LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL

"Adorable, pixie-ish Lauren moves with such grace and infectious confidence -- whether drooling apple juice over a bucket or busting one-handed cartwheels in purple spandex -- sexiness is an inevitable byproduct." -LAS VEGAS CITY LIFE

"..this satiric/erotic one-woman work manages the neat trick of having it both ways. The show is palpably sexy, even as it demands to be seen for what it is – an unforgiving commentary on our society's view of feminine sexuality." - KANSAS CITY STAR

 Las Vegas, Nevada

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