I moved to Las Vegas, NV in the summer of 2006. I'd been drawn here by dreams of becoming a true Showgirl. At 5 feet-zero inches, I knew I it would be a cinch. Vegas had been calling me in my waking dreams, coloring my walking fantasies. I was called by the weird, the wild, the allure of the easily aquired stage, and of course by the every-taboo-you-would-ever-want-to-avoid-as-a-female-moving-to-Las-Vegas movie, "Showgirls." If that's the best tale of woe you can conjour: Sign Me Up!!
        5 years into my residency here in Ol' Sin City, even though there have been bitter disapointments, mulitple rejections, humiliating auditions, direct-sunshine Jobs of Death, every once in a while I am seduced by the golden, glittered promise I imagined I heard this city whisper into my ear years ago, and I respond like a coy, purring Little Engine That Could, "I think I can too..."